Wella Hair Color in Raleigh

I’m proud to announce the newest innovation from Wella Corporation, EIMI Styling in my Raleigh hair salon. The EIMI line offers styling products for volume, smoothing, texture, shine and hairsprays.

I am also proud to offer Wella hair color. Wella offers many different lines of hair color products and each one has its own unique features. The Wella hair color lines I offer are:

Wella Illumina Color: Illumina hair color isolates all of the copper deposits in your hair strands that make your color look dull. When applying the Illumina color, the metal on your hair strand is surrounded, making your hair look cooler and shinier. Illumina is great because it’s versatile; you can easily mix it down to a demi-permanent with different developers. I love using Wella Illumina because it is extremely natural looking, and extremely healthy for the hair.

Wella Innosense Color: The Wella Innosense line is made with a different color molecule for people who are more sensitive to color or who have allergic reactions to color. I’ve used the Innsense line on many clients and it has worked! It has either cut their symptoms by 50% or 100%. As a Raleigh hairdresser, this is quite exciting, because these are clients who have been ready to stop coloring their hair, and can now keep up the maintenance without sensitivity or allergic reactions.

Wella Blondor Freelights: This new product from Wella is specially formulated for balyage, or free hand painting. This powder lightener has a polymer that sits on the exterior when applied to the hair, so it eliminates the need for foils or cellophane to separate the sections. This lightener doesn’t bleed, doesn’t dry out. It stays wet for up to hour. This product is perfect for artistic, free hand painting styles.

Wella Magma: Magma by Blondor is a revolutionary new product from Wella that combines a lightener and color in one product. This powder lightener has fashion color dyes for lifting and toning at the same time. You can create colors within colors. By using Magma, it cuts time and gives me more creative color options to use on my clients.

Wella Color Touch Relites: Color Touch Relites is an acid-based color that refreshes the tone of highlights in the hair. When this product is used with Magma, it is extremely gentle on the hair because the hair will immediately accept the alkaline  from Magma and no strong chemicals are needed to refresh the tone.

Why I like use Wella

Wella Corporation is under new management and working hard to be fresh and active. In the last 5 years, they have put out a lot of innovations and products in an attempt to really be the best color company out there. With the addition of the new EIMI Styling line, I can now fulfill all of my color and styling needs with one line. Wella has even more new innovative products in the pipeline and it’s really an exciting thing for me as a hairdresser.

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