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Brazilian Blowout

brazilian blowout raleigh

Brazilian Blowout is an innovative keratin smoothing system that will leave your hair shiny and frizz-free. As one of the most popular and recognized products in professional hair smoothing, I am proud to offer Brazilian Blowout at my Raleigh hair salon.

Although many people think that Brazilian blowout is a straightening or curl-reducing treatment, it’s actually an anti-frizz system with curl-reduction properties. This hair smoothing system works by creating a protective layer of protein around the hair shaft. The protein layer helps your hair from becoming frizzy. I believe that it has excellent longevity and curl-reduction properties.

Many people get concerned about the chemicals in professional keratin smoothing treatments. Brazilian Blowout contains a product called methylene glycol, a product used for perfume which is often confused for a formaldehyde product. Methylene glycol is actually a formaldehyde byproduct which gets released when it is heated. This hair smoothing system contains very low amounts of formaldehyde byproduct and is completely safe. If there is too much fragrance during processing, a stylist probably used too much product. In keratin smoothing, less is more.

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My clients love Brazilian Blowout. I have several who won’t switch products even though there are other options. If you want to learn more about Brazilian Blowout in Raleigh, call or text Hair By Patrick McGuire at 919-906-6944 or schedule your appointment online!


Created:August 24, 2015