What Clients Are Saying

Patrick is a fabulous stylist!! I always get a great haircut, fun and friendly service. My hair holds it shape even when I am long overdue for a cut. Patrick is willing to share different ways I can style my hair- as I like having choices. He’s great! I promise you will not be disappointed with your cut, color or style!
Rachelle Strachar

Patrick is one of the most skilled hairdressers in Raleigh. He’s been cutting my hair for nearly 15 years. When he’s moved around town from one salon to another, I’ve followed him even though in some cases I’ve had to drive greater distances. Soon Patrick will be cutting my son’s hair. Patrick is always knowledgeable about the latest styles and trends, he’s friendly and engaging, and he listens to his customers. I recommend him highly.
Ken Zagacki

By far the best stylist I’ve ever had! The color is always perfect and I can’t even begin to tell you how many compliments I receive from strangers on my cut.
Jennifer Robles

Patrick has cut and colored my hair since his time at Douglas Carroll Salon in Cary back in the 90’s, and I’ve followed him ever since! Patrick keeps up with the latest trends for cutting, coloring and highlighting hair by taking classes all over the U.S., so your hair is safe in his very capable hands. He’s very meticulous, and you won’t be disappointed when you leave his salon. His new location at Salon AG is very centrally located whether you’re in downtown Raleigh or Capital Blvd. I drive from Garner. If you make an appointment with Patrick, you will not leave disappointed!
Angela Woods

Patrick is talented, skilled and versatile. Under his patient tutelage, I have learned how to work with my fine and thin hair to maximize volume and style. He has a great listening ear, and is fun to work with. I also appreciate the fact that he continues to study his craft through professional training, in order to bring the most up to date methods into the salon. I highly recommend Patrick!
Donna B, Raleigh, NC

Patrick is truly an amazing hair artist. He listened to everything I wanted and took his time to make sure it was perfect. I showed him a picture of how I wanted my hair cut and nailed it. Make your appointment NOW!!!!!

Patrick has been cutting my hair for almost 11 years. Whether it is a cut or color, he does a beautiful job. He even took the time to teach me how to blow dry my new hairstyle. I highly recommend him!

I told Patrick this as he was cutting my hair so I mean it when I say – he gives a shit about my hair! Trying to find a stylist after moving back to Raleigh was overwhelming. Patrick immediately made me feel like he cared about what I wanted and took the time to ask me questions about my hair, what worked and didn’t work for styling it, and what I was looking for on this visit. Not just the awkward “so what are we doing today” question where you feel rushed answering it in too much depth or detail at other places – when you feel like you’re on the clock. He listened to me and really took the time to talk which made my hair anxiety decease exponentially! He then spent even more care cutting my hair, making sure that each curl fell right, was aligned, and kept with the shape I had talked about. For anyone who has had a terrible hair cut or just gets anxious about the potential for a terrible haircut, Patrick is your stylist. He puts you at ease with his laid back attitude but then shows his dedication and focus as he concentrates on getting your hair to look perfect. Can’t say enough, I’m really happy I found him and my hair looks great!

Patrick straightens my hair and does the best job I have ever had. He gets 5 stars and beyond. I highly recommend him for any of your hair care needs. He not only does a great job with your hair but he is kind as well.
Allison Holmes

Love Patrick! I’ve been going to Patrick McGuire for years. His cutting and layering techniques are amazing. Patrick is also wonderful about explaining and showing me tips and tricks that I can do to style my hair at home. I also totally enjoy his new ‘space’… the huge mirror and open area feels very relaxing. Highly, Highly Recommend! 5 Stars!!!
Sandy Carlson

Patrick is one of the most detail oriented stylists I have ever met. During my first visit he spent a good amount of time just combing through my hair to see how it naturally flows, as well as how my skull is shaped. Immediately, this showed me that he is extremely tedious, knowledgeable and patient in working with each and every customer. Using his experience, Patrick is not afraid to tell a customer what styles would or would not work best, based off their individual features, rather then just trying to blindly satisfy a person by giving them what they want which is something I respect that immensely. Additionally, on my second visit not only did he remember in great detail what we had discussed and done prior but in the time between the two visits he took it upon himself to further educate himself and work on his craft to improve MY hairstyle. For my particular situation, this was everything from learning more about the current style, showing me videos on how to best comb and style my hair and experimented with which products would work best for me. Above all else, Patrick is an extremely warm and welcoming person who can make you feel like he has known you for years on the first visit and I would not even consider working with someone else.
Nik Patel

Patrick provides excellent services. I have thick, curly hair which is not always easy for stylists to deal with. Patrick is polite, prompt and flexible with appointments. He always hits the mark with my cuts and color. I highly recommend him to others.

Patrick does a wonderful job every time I see him. He has been cutting my hair since 2005, and he knows how to keep me looking great. He is very patient and always takes his time with me. He is a busy man, yet you always feel like he is totally focused on you when you are getting your cut, etc. Thanks Patrick!!

What a great hairdresser. Really listens and then does what you agree needs to be done. Suggests small changes that make such a difference. Great colorist. My hairdresser for probably last 8 years. Low key artist. Won’t change.

I’ve been going to Patrick since 1991 – exclusively. Patrick is more than a technician, he is an artist, in everything he does, actually, but hair is his passion. He is constantly going to seminars to keep up on the latest styles, the science of hair, the chemistry and the newest products. I don’t know what the star system is here, but he’s got 5*s or 10*s or whatever number represents excellence!

I just want to say how much I love my haircut!  You have a real gift!  My husband was blown away by how great it looks, and said he’s never seen it “not poofy.”  🙂  Thanks so much, it was great meeting you today and I can’t wait to show my friends!
Shannon Wright

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