Men’s Haircuts

Men’s haircuts are back! Through the 80s and 90s, men’s barbering had faded out and men were getting precision haircuts from hair dressers. Now, the quaff, the fade, the flat top, the high & tight are all back. From hipsters with beards to professional business men, barbering has made a comeback and has become mainstream.

For many years, men come in to get their hair cut and ask me, “Patrick, what can I do differently?” Now, I can confidently give my male clients an answer. Barbering makes men look fresh, professional, and edgy all at the same time, regardless of if you’re a kid, young man, or middle aged business man.

I’m able to show my male clients how to freshen up their look while still maintaining a professional look. I can tell them, “Try this product” or “Let me show you how to comb this differently” and I’ve received incredible, positive feedback from male clients.

Barbering is back and new techniques and emerging styles are going to continue. I’ve brushed up on all my barbering techniques and its fun! Let me freshen up your look! Still need convincing? Read these testimonials.

The Pompadour is coming back!
Another sleek, pumped-up option for men.
Girls in surfboards, guys in pompadours! Men’s grooming is the fastest growing demographic in this industry!
Old-school barbering
Old-school barbering

Men’s Grooming Services

Men’s cut
Includes cleansing, conditioning, and blow dry.
Beard trim


Men’s brow wax


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