Hair Color

Hair Color for Women

The color of your hair should be an expression of who you are. Whether you are looking for gray coverage or a whole new look altogether, I am proud to offer Wella hair color at my Raleigh hair salon. Wella provides vibrant, long-lasting results.

A young client who wanted a look that popped
Long and lush
Before and after a Fall hair color change
Bleach that deposits vibrant color and lightens at the same time from Wella!

Women’s Color Services

Single process color
Extra color is available for an additional fee of $15.
Single process color with blowdry


Double process color


Hair Color for Men

Unlike woman’s hair color, men want to get gray coverage faster, cheaper, and without other people being able to tell that they color their hair. Good news! I am proud to offer a quick and easy solution for subtle gray coverage for men in Raleigh.

Using a customized formula for each client’s desired look, men can now get the subtle gray coverage they want in just 10 minutes! With a basic gray blending that tones down the gray, men will look 5 years younger without the difference being so drastic that people ask “Wow, did you color your hair?”

Men feel confident in their new look, and stay happy that it’s a quick, in-and-out process that they can get done every other time they come in for a haircut. Hair by Patrick McGuire boost your confidence with quick, effective gray coverage in Raleigh.

Men’s Color Services

Paul Mitchell 10 minute colors


Adds excellent grey blending in just ten minutes!

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